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Life Sciences GVK Biosciences (GVK BIO) is Asia's leading Contract Research Organization (CRO). With over 2000 scientists, support and analytical staff and a global presence, we cater to the research needs of a diverse clientele. Lower costs, superior infrastructure, boosted efficiencies and an infusion of fresh ideas make us the ideal partner.

With infrastructure in the genes, GVK BIO has built world-class labs and facilities. A match for the best globally, it houses the most advanced and sophisticated equipment and automation, supported by highly-qualified scientists. Spread across five locations in India and head-quartered in Hyderabad, GVK BIO provides customers with a flexible range of services and business models. From Discovery to Development, we offer support at various Phases of research – from Analytical Services, Biology, Chemistry, Clinical Research, Clinical Pharmacology, Informatics and Process Research & Contract Manufacturing.

GVK BIO’s avant-garde facilities built to international standards, with 250,000 sq.ft. of built-up lab space house chemistry labs, AAALAC accredited animal house, kilo labs, pilot plants and clinics. GVK BIO has been inspected by all the leading regulatory agencies of the world including US FDA, ANVISA, AFSSAPS, WHO, MoH-Turkey and DCGI, India. With a compelling value proposition, GVK BIO continues to be the partner of choice for its loyal and increasing client base.

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